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Neway Mission Statement
Our mission at Neway Bangladesh is to aid in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh through business, education and social development. Neway Bangladesh (Pvt.) Limited is a Canadian-owned company. We are the pioneers of Direct Sales (DS) method in Bangladesh and proudly celebrating 10 years of socio-economic development.

Neway brought about a remarkable marketing concept in 1999, which quickly became enormously popular in Bangladesh. Direct Sales had tremendous success in the western world and as the concept diffused in Asia it captured the essence of avant-garde business strategies. It has produced over 10 lakh Neway employment opportunities to date, helping to curb the unemployment crisis in Bangladesh.With the Neway Direct Sales model, the intermediate cost channels – such as advertisers, sole distributors, wholesale agents, retailers, and transportation companies - are all eliminated. This model essentially allows products to be delivered directly to the clientele based on one-to-one communication. The money saved is shared and distributed within our sales force as profit, making the concept an ideal model to generate additional income through exciting business compensation plans.Other standard retail sales model systems are more centralized and wealthy corporations often channel the majority of profits into their own accounts while selling products to consumers. However, Neway’s model of direct sales is recognized as a more democratic and decentralized model of product distribution. We offer 80-90% compensation to our distributors while others may only give 60%. Neway stakeholders can confidently exhibit leadership, authority, adeptness and business acumen among peers and associates while boasting direct sales catch phrases like, “uncommon freedom”, “be your own boss”, “unlimited income opportunities” and many more. Next